What happens during New Student Orientation?

Lieberman’s Bookstore is fully staffed with UD students who have all gone through being freshmen at Delaware. We understand that the transition can be overwhelming and are more than willing to help make your first time buying your textbooks as simple as possible.
• When you first come in to our store over the summer for New Student Orientation, we’ll answer all of your questions about textbooks and will also take down your information so we can check in with you later in the summer to make sure you don’t have any other questions about how to order your textbooks for the Fall.
• We know how hectic the summer can get for everyone, so we usually like to give our incoming freshmen a follow-up phone call and a friendly reminder so they remember to order their textbooks as early as possible and get the best prices for their books.

Why is pre-ordering my textbooks a good idea?

We guarantee that the sooner you reserve your textbooks, the better your chances are for receiving used books in the best condition we have to offer. Due to the many pre-orders we receive from current students, the sooner you place your order the higher your chances will be for receiving used books at a lower cost. (For example, if you’re taking a common class such as CHEM100 and you have a high order number, chances are that those people who ordered before you will have already reserved many of the used copies of chemistry textbooks.) Therefore it’s always a good idea to order your books as soon as you have a general idea of what your schedule will be (or around the middle of the summer.) Also, if you have to make any later changes to your schedule, we will be happy to make any changes to your order and take out or add any textbooks if you just let us know.

How do I order my textbooks?

There are many ways in which you can pre-order your textbooks. You can:
• place an order through our website
• order by calling into the store (302-283-9980)
• fax us your schedule (302-283-9983)
• mail us your information to:
• 45 East Main Street, Newark DE 19711
• Email us: sales@lubonline.com

In order to do this all you’ll need to do is give us a copy of your schedule since we keep a record in our system of each textbook used for each course, listed by each section and professor. We will also have all the same textbooks as the University bookstore. At this time you’ll also be given the option of either pre-paying for your books with a credit card or putting your books on hold. We suggest prepaying for the books. This is usually more convenient for our customers since the store is often very hectic during this time of the semester, and by pre-paying for your textbooks you’ll be able to come in, pick them up right away, and go.

Why is Lieberman’s the best place to buy my textbooks?

• Our store carries the exact same textbooks as the University bookstore. We have a contract with them and receive all of the information for the upcoming semester’s textbooks from the University’s professors.
• Lieberman’s also sells the most used books on campus because we buy back the most used books.
• We guarantee the lowest prices. If you can find the same book for a lower price at another on-campus bookstore, we will match that price.
• Our store is also designed for easy customer use. All of our textbooks are organized alphabetically on our shelves by class section and number, so you can easily locate your textbooks in the store if need be.
• Our store also specially orders books for customers, so in the case that you may need a specific book for your class that isn’t offered at any other store, we can order that for you at no extra cost.
• Lieberman’s is staffed with UD students who are all familiar with the classes and professors at the University, which often makes buying and asking questions about textbooks much easier.

What do I do in order to pick up my textbooks?

When you place your textbook order you’ll be given a designated pickup date during the first move-in weekend at the beginning of the semester, either during the morning or afternoon.
• On that day you can come into the store and check in at the front, and we’ll have someone go get your box of textbooks for you.
• We’ll then have someone go over your order with you and make sure that all of the textbooks you need are there. If you would also like to make any changes to your order at that time we can help you with that, although it’s always a good idea to let us know ahead of time before you come in for pickup if you need to make any changes to your order.
• Incoming students often have questions about optional versus required books for their classes, and whether optional books are necessary. We always suggest that you check with your professor or someone who has taken the class before if you’re not sure whether you need a certain book for your class.
• If you would still like to buy the book just in case, we allow students to return their books within the drop/add date for classes for the semester.

Can I keep my parent’s credit card on file with the store?

We allow students to keep a parent’s credit card on file with us in order to make paying for textbooks easier and more convenient. This form allows you to make returns, exchanges, or purchase additional textbooks with your parent’s credit card number. You are not required to have their credit card with you at the time of purchase. All you’ll need to do is bring a valid picture ID and we will charge the card for your purchase or credit the card for your return. You can make purchases for books, school supplies, clothing, gift items and more. However, your parent can also restrict the usage of the card to textbooks and supplies only if they wish.

What other components for classes do you sell in your store?

Along with textbooks we also sell other various classroom supplies in our store, such as goggles for lab classes, calculators, paper supplies, art supplies, etc. and other components, such as study guides, supplements, CD’s or DVD’s, internet access codes, and so on. These will be assigned by professors and will be on our shelves according to the class.
**It’s often less costly for students to buy new books in a component package for a class rather than buying them separately. An example would be a textbook which comes with a study guide. If you need to buy both for your class you can often opt to buy them shrink-wrapped together and this will cost less then buying them separately.

What else do I need to know about buying and selling used books?

Used books often have highlighting, writing, or underlining in them. However, if you pre-order your textbooks we try to give you the best copy we have with the least writing on its pages. Also, if there’s a class in which you’d prefer to have a brand new book with absolutely no writing in it, you can specify this when you pre-order your books. It’s also important to note that when you sell back your books to us it doesn’t matter whether they have highlighting or writing in them; it only matters whether they are in decent condition, aren’t falling apart, etc.

What are clickers?

Students often ask what “clickers” are. Clickers look like remote controls and are used in classes to take quizzes and answer questions for the professor. It will be specified on your syllabus and in our system when you pre-order textbooks if you’ll need a clicker for a certain class. You can buy used clickers in our store and can also sell them back to us at the end of the semester.

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