To Buy or not to Buy? The Ins and Outs of Renting Textbooks

Renting From Lieberman’s vs. Buying/Renting Online

Lieberman’s Bookstore is now offering rentals on UD textbooks, which includes packages and some custom textbooks. Renting textbooks is another money saving alternative that allows students to shop locally and save more money!

Thinking about renting? Make sure you keep these in mind:

Renting textbooks from Lieberman’s Bookstore allows the customer to hand pick their textbook and walk out with it the very same day. Opting to rent textbooks from an online service runs the risk of receiving a textbook that is in very bad condition. Not to mention, paying for shipping and waiting for the textbook to arrive at your doorstep.
Lieberman’s Bookstore has outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on making the lives of UD students and families as convenient as possible. Employees are always available to answer any questions in person throughout the year.
Rented textbooks follow the same return policy as purchased textbooks. Students have the first full week of classes to return a rental for a full refund no questions asked. During the second week of classes, students may return rentals for a full refund with printed proof that the class requiring the textbook was dropped.

Lieberman’s textbook return policy aims to be as stress free and convenient as possible. Remember, opting to rent textbooks from an online service requires additional shipping and time for purchases and returns. All of Lieberman’s transactions are done in store, in person, and as quickly as possible.

Renting textbooks saves more money up front! Always consider what a textbook might be worth if you sell it at the end of the semester. It may cost more to purchase a textbook, but what can you get for it at the end of the semester? Lieberman’s employees are always happy to answer any questions regarding the options of purchasing a textbook and renting a textbook.

Before you rent

Make sure you have valid credit card that does not expire during the semester. This card is kept on file just in case textbooks are not returned or damaged. Lieberman’s accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

How to rent textbooks from Lieberman’s

Find the textbook that you need.
Fill out a rental agreement at our Rental Station or print and fill out this PDF in advance and bring it to the store
Once the rental agreement is completed and signed, a Lieberman’s employee will process the textbooks and apply “Lieberman’s Bookstore Rental Stickers” to each textbook.
Proceed to the checkout line. A Lieberman’s employee will apply the rental fee for each textbook and check out each rented textbook at one of the front registers.

Lieberman’s Bookstore is constantly adapting to the needs of the students in this fast-changing textbook market. We aim to minimize any confusion and answer any questions that students may have. Please let us know how we’re doing. Suggestions and constructive criticism is much appreciated!