Lieberman’s Bookstore’s Textbook Return Policies

Lieberman’s Bookstore has the best return policy on textbooks and rentals here on campus at UD. We offer 100% full returns on all merchandise in our store within the designated returns period — no questions asked. If you have any issues with professors changing a book or cancelling a class, we are very flexible and will take any incorrect materials back for a full refund!

Please let us know if you ever have any questions or concerns about book returns. Our main goal here at Lieberman’s Bookstore is for you to walk away a happy customer, and return to our store for your rental and textbook needs for the duration of your time here at University of Delaware. Any issues you have, we will be sure to take care of! We are located at 45 East Main Street, in the Main Street Gallery (right next to Grotto’s Pizza and Mac Mart). Call us at (302)283-9980 or email us at!




Textbooks are non-returnable after September 12th, 2018

  • Full Refund – No Questions Asked, up until close of business Tues. Sept. 4th, 2018
  • Full Refund – With Drop/Add Proof, up until close of business Thurs. Sept. 13th, 2018


Non-Returnable: opened packages, opened/scratched access codes, and damaged textbooks.

  • Please verify that you have purchased the correct book before opening any shrink-wrapped books, packages, access codes, etc.
  • New textbooks must be in their original condition. New books with scratches, dents, scrapes, highlighting or bent corners will be considered damaged and non-returnable.
  • Look over your used textbooks carefully while you’re in the store, so we can swap out books for missing pages, damaged CD’s, etc. before you buy or rent them. We will correct any and all mistakes but cannot refund damaged books once they have left the store. This includes RENTAL books—please makes sure any damage is indicated on your rental agreement before you leave the store.


RENTAL DUE DATE – Saturday December 15th, 2018

Thanks again for shopping with us and stop in anytime!

All the best for great success this Fall Semester!

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