Why Pre-Order Your Books at Lieberman’s?

Lieberman’s Bookstore has the best deals on campus at University of Delaware for your textbook needs. Here are just a few of the many reasons why it makes sense to shop around when considering your options. The SAME books cost LESS at Lieberman’s Bookstore Lieberman’s has a HUGE selection of USED books (We have way […]

Lieberman’s Bookstore’s Textbook Return Policies

Lieberman’s Bookstore has the best return policy on textbooks and rentals here on campus at UD. We offer 100% full returns on all merchandise in our store within the designated returns period — no questions asked. If you have any issues with professors changing a book or cancelling a class, we are very flexible and […]

Extended Store Hours Fall 2018 Semester

Our Extended Hours for the Spring 2018 season are as follows: Move-In Weekend: Sat 8/25 9am-6pm Sun 8/26 9am-6pm First Week Class: Mon 8/27 8am-8pm Tue 8/28 8am-8pm Wed 8/29 8am-8pm Thu 8/30 8am-8pm Fri 8/31 9am-6pm Sat 9/1 9am-6pm Sun 9/2 10am-5pm Second Week Class: Mon 9/3 (Labor Day) 11am-5pm Tue 9/4 9am-6pm Wed […]

To Buy or not to Buy? The Ins and Outs of Renting Textbooks

Renting From Lieberman’s vs. Buying/Renting Online Lieberman’s Bookstore is now offering rentals on UD textbooks, which includes packages and some custom textbooks. Renting textbooks is another money saving alternative that allows students to shop locally and save more money! Thinking about renting? Make sure you keep these in mind: Renting textbooks from Lieberman’s Bookstore allows […]