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Please contact Todd Bundy (302-283-9980) with any questions.

Course PAcket Publishing

We have been custom publishers for faculty at the University of Delaware and West Chester University of PA for well over 20 years. We understand CUSTOMER SERVICE, and we would be delighted to put our expertise & experience to work for you.

Reasons to utilize a custom course packet

  • Unhappy with the variety of textbooks available for the class you teach
    • incomplete
    • too much material
    • too expensive
    • not developed enough for the sub-topics you want your course to concentrate on
    • missing key material (for historical perspective or new developments)

A course packet might be the best way for you to deliver the best, most effective course materials at the most reasonable prices for your students. We can help you put together a course packet, lab manual, workbook or supplement which will better serve your class using multiple sources such as: your own authored manuscript, textbook excerpts, newspaper or magazine articles, your own class notes, etc.

  • We use multiple binding techniques to fit the look & feel you desire
    • stapled pack of sheets
    • perfect-bind paperback textbooks with an ISBN assignment
    • spiral coil
    • heat tape
    • loose-leaf shrink-wrapped with 3-hole punch

We promise to work closely with you in designing your course packet so that you will be thrilled with the end result. We have a wide array of color, binding, and layout options for you to choose from and promise to create a product that is both functional and attractive in your eyes. Once we have produced a master, you’ll receive a proof copy to review. We’ll make any changes/corrections you identify prior to printing copies to put on the shelf.

We sell copies directly to the Barnes & Noble store, at a re-seller’s discount, so that your course packet will be available for all students in both stores. It is standard practice for Lieberman’s University Bookstore & the U. Del Barnes & Noble store to sell course packets to each other, so that they are available in both stores.

  • Publishing your work with the publishers you know is a lot of time & work
    • We help you put it all together
    • We secure all the necessary copyright permissions for reprinted material
    • We arrange, with your guidance & approvals, both the design & printing of the packet
    • We can assemble your packets efficiently & quickly
    • We are fast, flexible, highly competent, and we impose NO deadlines* on submissions, or for production
    • We produce all of the course packets ourselves, right here in the store and at our warehouse 30 miles away.

Since we control all of our own production, we can produce packets quickly including print-on-demand orders for students that lose their copy, or if we sell more than expected and run out. Producing the course packets ourselves allows us to keep prices reasonable for your students while offering flexible royalty packages for you and/or your department.

Ready to get started?

The best approach would be to pay us a visit in the store with any material you have and we can discuss a complete plan with you on how to put it all together. You can also see examples of course packets we produce.

Another option is to fill out the online order form and upload file copies of material you want to include. You can include as much material as you like** which we will review with you & accordingly determine the appropriate retail price for selling it in the store.

Please contact Todd Bundy (302-283-9980) with any questions.

*We of course, recommend submitting all your materials as soon as possible in order to make it easier for students to have their course packets ready for the start of classes. If you want to produce a course packet right before classes start, during the 1st week of class or any other time in the middle of the semester, we will be THRILLED to serve you. We can make it work, and sooner than you imagine!

** Exception is generally more than 10-20% of any given book or anthology