Everything you need to know about Lieberman’s Bookstore and the services we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase my textbooks through Lieberman’s, instead of online or from the UD school bookstore?
Bottom line is that shopping for your books at Lieberman’s will save you money. We offer all the same books as the on-campus bookstore, for a lot less money, because we have WAY more used books. USED cost much less than NEW. We also RENT all of our books.
When you buy or rent with Lieberman’s you get to look over the books before you take them…no surprises. When you buy or rent online, you can’t verify up front what that book looks like or what condition it’s in. When you get your books at Lieberman’s, you’re done…book in hand, ready to read/study/get work done. No worrying about how long it will take for your book to arrive. Our prices for books are very reasonable compared to what you’ll find online, If you consider that you walk out of the store with the book you want, without wondering what condition it’s in, or how long it will take to arrive.
Lieberman’s excels at CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are warm, friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. When you do business with Lieberman’s, you support a local family-owned and run business that’s been serving UD students and faculty for 18 years. We’re grateful for your business!
Does Lieberman’s have all the same books as the school bookstore?
Yes. Lieberman’s gets all the same info on which books are used for which classes, as the on-campus UD bookstore…we carry all the same books. We also carry ALL the custom course packets/supplements written by professors for their classes. The big difference is that at Lieberman’s you’ll find better prices, more rental options, and a LOT more used books (used books cost a LOT less than new)
Does Lieberman’s carry e-books/digital books?
Lieberman’s does not currently carry digital books or e-books, but we’re considering. We do our own interviews with students every year and what we hear consistently is that digital books are very hard to study from….cumbersome to make notes, reference past material, etc. We’re told from students that for classes that require study, it’s much easier to underline and jump around from one chapter to another…one section to another, with a physical book. Most people, in order to put their best foot forward academically, and for practical reasons, still prefer physical books.
Does Lieberman’s rent books?
Lieberman’s Bookstore rents all our course materials, including some packages and custom textbooks, at the lowest prices on campus.
How do I rent textbooks from Lieberman's?
You can either rent online by choosing the proper option when you place your pre-order, or come into our store with a valid credit card and driver’s license/ID and fill out our in-store rental agreement.
Can I pick my books directly on your website, or do I have to wait to come to the store?
Yes! This is called reserving or pre-ordering your textbooks. Our reservation program works the same as the on-campus Barnes & Noble store. Click here to pick your classes by section, from a drop-down menu. We then pick the required books for your classes, and hold them in a box until you come back at the end of the Summer, before classes begin. Remember, we rent all textbooks. We will only pick a new book if we don’t have used, unless you tell us otherwise.
Why should I reserve or pre-order my books with Lieberman’s instead of picking them off the shelf myself when I get to school, or finding them online?
Reserving or pre-ordering your books is simply the fastest, easiest and best way to maximize your savings and save the most amount of time, by maximizing the number of USED books you get. If there are limited number of USED for a given class, the reservation holders get them first, because we pick them before everyone comes back to school and picks them off the shelf.
What if I pre-order my books with Lieberman’s and my class schedule changes?
No problem. Lieberman’s will hold your books so that you have the first pick of the nicest used books in our store, but we do not physically pull the books until much closer to when classes start. Once the books have been pulled, if your class schedule changes, it’s super easy to switch out books. Just give us a call or let us know when you pick up. We will make it work for you.
How do I reserve or pre-order my books with Lieberman’s?
Click here to pre-order your books with us! All you need is your class schedule with courses and section numbers, your contact information, and a valid debit or credit card to hold the order (we won’t charge your card). We then hold the books for you until you come back to campus. It’s the best way to save money, by minimizing the work and maximizing used books, which are much less expensive than new. You can also call us at (302)283-9980 if you would prefer to speak to one of our staff in person and pre-order your books over the phone!
Can I return books if I drop a class or change my mind?
Yes. Lieberman’s offers a convenient returns policy that allows you time to go to class first and figure out what you need. First week of class all books are fully returnable, no questions asked. Second week of class we allow returns on books for dropped classes only, with proof that you dropped the class.
Students who purchase new textbooks must be sure to keep the books in their original condition or else they will be non-returnable. This means students should be sure they do not write or highlight in any new books until they are positive they are using the correct book and staying in the class. Books that come in packages or are in shrink-wrap must stay in the original packaging, unopened, or the book is non-returnable. Access codes, which can only be purchased as new, must also remain in the original packaging.
Can I have my books shipped to me from Lieberman’s?
Yes! Just call us after placing your reservation and we’ll explain how we make it work. We encourage customers to come in the store to pick up textbooks, at the end of the Summer, right before start of classes, so we can go over the books with you on the spot. This way if you have switched/dropped classes, or for whatever reason you don’t need or want all the books, you haven’t paid for them in advance and paid for the cost of shipping them to your home, for nothing. Another convenient advantage to waiting until you come back to campus, is that you can find many other things at Lieberman’s such as school supplies & gear, clothing, gift items, cellphone charging accessories & more. You can take care of it all at the same time.
Does Lieberman’s carry school supplies and UD clothing?
You bet! Lieberman’s carries a large variety of school supplies, art supplies, dorm necessities and officially licensed UD clothing! We also offer tons of gift items and other supplies including greeting cards, garden flags, pennants, drink ware, grad gifts, cellphone charging accessories and diploma frames. Not sure what to buy for your UD student? We also have gift cards!
Does Lieberman’s buy back textbooks all year round?
Absolutely! Lieberman’s buys textbooks for cash all year round at the best prices, and we buy many books that others won’t buy. Compare prices before you sell. Feel free to bring in your old editions and trade books as well!
Where can I park when I come to Lieberman’s?
There are several parking options close to the store. In the rear of our store, along East Delaware Ave. there is a pay lot which charges a $1/hour. We will validate for the 1st hour with a purchase in the store. Another option is metered parking all along Main St. which runs in front of the store. The meters accept quarters and credit cards.
What is a course packet?
Course packets are custom books or pamphlets, produced locally in a variety of formats (tape bound, comb bound. Loose leaf, 3-hole punch with binder, etc.), which are authored or compiled by a professor. Often times faculty prefer to supplement the books used in a class with material of their own. Sometimes faculty prefer their own material for their class instead of a standard textbook because it’s tailored specifically for that class, and often costs much less than a textbook. Course packets can also have a class syllabus, lecture layouts, and assignments. Lieberman’s carries all course packets for all classes.
How do I get the most money back for my textbooks when I sell them?
The “buyback season” starts at the beginning of the last week of classes and continues until the end of final exams. Selling back your book right before, or directly after your exam is the best bet. If you don’t have a final exam for a certain class, consider selling after your last class for a better chance at a higher price. Once we have met the quota on the amount of books needed, the price can drop, so timing is important.
Why should I buy USED books instead of new?
Buying used will save you a lot of money compared to new. Used book prices are at least 25% less than new, depending on the title. Lieberman’s University Bookstore is quite unusual because we consistently have the highest percentage of used books on our shelves, compared to most other college bookstores, because we are VERY resourceful at finding used books!

Have a question or comment not covered here? We’d love to help you out! Just call us at 302-283-9980, drop by the store or email us at sales@lubonline.com and we’ll be happy to take care of you.