Terms and Conditions
  • This Textbook Rental Agreement is made by and between YOU (RENTER) and Lieberman’s Bookstore (LIEBERMANS). The RENTER attests that they are over 18 years of age and are entering into this agreement of their own free will.
  • Rented materials can be converted to a purchase during the first 30 days of classes only. During your rental period, all rented materials remain the full property of Lieberman’s Bookstore, LLC. At the end of the rental period, this agreement will terminate and you will lose all rights to the rented materials.
  • Under this rental agreement you understand that the rented materials are subject to a Rental Return/Cancellation Policy below. The RENTER has read and understands LIEBERMANS return policy and agrees to abide by the return policy.
  • The RENTER will return all rented materials to LIEBERMANS on or before the rental due date which is the last day of finals, THURSDAY, MAY 24TH, 2018 in salable condition. Salable condition is determined by LIEBERMANS at the time of return, outlined below. If the rented materials are not returned by the due date, we will charge a 7.5% service fee and extend your rental for an additional 10 days. Failure to return the rented books by the extended due date or to not return them in compliance with the return policy will result in the RENTER purchasing the books for the replacement cost(s) (identified as 75% of the list price OR $15 Minimum), plus the 7.5% service fee per item (in addition to the rental fee), which will be charged to the credit card in accordance with the cardholder information. Rental fee is non-refundable and not negotiable. You are responsible for loss or theft of all Rented Materials.
  • The RENTER is required to have a valid credit card for all rentals, regardless of how the rental fee is paid. The RENTER also confirms that the credit card that is given will stay valid for the duration of this agreement and continuing for (1) one month after the return due date of rented items. If credit card transaction is declined for any reason LIEBERMANS reserves the right to send RENTER’s account to a collection agency or to the local police, if no action is taken to pay the non-return fees. RENTER accepts that LIEBERMANS will charge an additional $30 processing fee for each month a balance is outstanding..
  • In consideration of the foregoing and other valuable and diverse consideration the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned, intending to be legally bound hereby has hereunto set his/her hand and seal on the date next noted.